11 September, 2005

Knocking over things

I just knocked over something in the bathroom. It kinda scared me, but then I started licking myself again and everything was better. The humans seemed kinda worried, but whatever.


Anonymous Kristin (the Female Human) said...

You're a freak, Post. Why do you keep knocking things over?

11 September, 2005 19:18  
Blogger Postmaster P. said...

Why do you keep trying to walk where I'm laying? Huh?

11 September, 2005 19:38  
Anonymous Kristin (the Female Human) said...

I don't know, maybe because you're always laying in the hallway...

11 September, 2005 22:17  
Blogger Postmaster P. said...

Hey, I'm a cat; laying in the hallway is what I do!

12 September, 2005 10:27  

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