16 September, 2005


Today I spent time with the Female human. She smells vaguely like the Human so while he's gone, she has to do, really. She's warm and much closer to my size and very affectionate so in a pinch she's fine for napping on or near.

However, this afternoon I noticed her appalling lack of grooming skills and decided to take matters into my own paws. While she sat on the couch reading my blog (of course, what else would she possibly want to read?!) I decided to groom her, which she surprisingly seemed to dislike. No matter, however, I can move, so when she squirmed and moved away, I simply moved across the couch and continued licking her head. She seemed very annoyed, and eventually I went back to licking myself since she was so ungrateful.

Then, I ate a slice of turkey from her sandwich and fell asleep in the kitchen.


Anonymous Kristin (the Human Female) said...

Humans groom themselves differently from cats. So it feels weird when you lick my head. Next time, just tell me to take a shower. ;)

16 September, 2005 01:18  
Blogger WesaTurtle said...

Next time, try purring at the same time. Sometimes humans think you're just hungry and are tasting them before taking a bite.

18 September, 2005 00:11  

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